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Bieber, Deadmau5 party at Toronto club

Deadmau5 and Justin Bieber both showed up at the same Toronto party on the weekend, and the music producer set off a minor Twitter firestorm after insulting the teen heartthrob.

Both attended the opening of the Cabana Pool Bar at Polson Pier on Sunday.

Deadmau5, a native of Niagara Falls who’s now based in Los Angeles, was less than impressed with the pop star’s presence, tweeting “party’s over” once Bieber arrived.

“Oh. Hi there sudden influx of Justin bieber fans. My name is Joel. So very pleased to meet each and everyone one of you,” Deadmau5 tweeted.

“wanna see rage? check this out: hey biebs fans. I TOUCHED HIM! I DID! it was AWESOME! nya nya. wut now? yeah. i touched his hand. so soft.”

Bieber’s fans, known as Beliebers, quickly responded.

“Who are you again?” @mrcsbieber wrote.

“Actually, party just started,” @EPerlsJB said.

The back-and-forth between Deadmau5 and the fans continued – check out the list of responses here – and the producer later sent another message, quoting the movie Anchorman.

“That escalated quickly,” he wrote.

Bieber, for his part, stayed out of the fray. It wasn’t until Monday that he wrote, “Someone can only get u down if u let them. Life is fun. Smile.”