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Black Lives Matter stages loud, but peaceful protest outside police headquarters

The ‘Black Lives Matter’ Toronto coalition took to the streets of downtown Toronto on Saturday after a protest earlier in the week led to what they’re calling ‘unprovoked police action’.

Saturday’s “Blackout Against Police Brutality” demonstration comes nearly a week after a sit-in at police headquarters first began. The coalition claims that during a rally on March 21, Toronto police had circled and ambushed the protestors, saying their materials were smashed and personal belongings taken.

Members had set up to occupy space in front of police headquarters in the wake of an SIU decision not to charge a Toronto police officer of any wrong-doing in the shooting death of Andrew Loku last summer. The group is calling on the officer to be named and charged.

The group says it does not know how much longer it will stay camped out front of police headquarters.

Advocates of other groups also showed up in support of the Black Lives Matter protest including Muslims and Indigeous people