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Albertans less likely to celebrate their citizenship, new poll finds

Last Updated Jun 30, 2018 at 8:03 pm EDT

A new survey has found Albertans may not be in as much of a celebratory mood as the rest of the country this Canada Day.

A poll of 5,300 Canadians conducted by Dart Insight for CityNews found 21 per cent of Albertans find the option of living in the United States a favourable one, if given the choice.

That compares to just 16 per cent of all Canadians who said they would consider moving to the U.S.

British Columbians appear to be the most satisfied with staying put, with only 11 per cent agreeing with the statement about moving south if given the option.

The survey also found that only 64 per cent of Albertans agreed with the statement “I’m proud to be a Canadian.” Quebec was the only province to poll lower when it came to being very proud of their citizenship.

Inter-provincial and federal disagreements over the energy patch and pipelines were mentioned as factors for why Albertans might feel less a part of Canada at this time.

The survey also found the proudest Canadians are more likely to be women. Sixty-seven per cent of women displayed their love of country in their answers to the poll questions compared to 59 per cent of men.

The poll was conducted between June 8 and 13 and the results are considered accurate within +/- 1.5 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.