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Union Station open after woman seriously injured by falling concrete

Last Updated Oct 12, 2018 at 6:51 pm EDT

A woman in her 20s suffered serious injuries after being struck in the head by a piece of falling concrete at Union Station.

Paramedics responded to an area in the Bay Street tunnel just before 5:30 p.m. Thursday following reports a chunk of the ceiling fell onto the woman.

Some commuters reported the incident occurred in the entrance to platforms 4 and 5 in the tunnel. The area has been under long-term construction.

The tunnel is open to pedestrians for the Friday morning rush.

“After working tirelessly throughout the night, crews have determined the Bay West Teamway at Union Station is safe – and the area is once again open to commuters,” Matt Llewellyn with Metrolinx said in a series of tweets on Friday morning.

“Engineers from both Metrolinx and the City of Toronto spent the night thoroughly inspecting the Teamway. Some minor concrete scaling and repairs were made. As is always the case, will continue to monitor the Teamway, and out of an abundance of caution have ordered another thorough inspection in the coming weeks.”

Tina Yazdani asked Metrolinx and the city why the revitalization project at Union Station is taking so long, and whether commuters are safe while construction continues at the transit hub. Watch below.