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Battle of the mascots: Leafs polar bear vs. Bruins grizzly bear

It will be do-or-die for the Maple Leafs on Tuesday night when they take on the Boston Bruins in Game 7 of their playoff series.

While recent history suggests the Bruins might win on the ice, what might happen if the team’s mascots battled it out in the wild?

Toronto Zoo keeper Amy Goswell works with both polar bears and grizzly bears and said the main difference between the two bears is their size.

“Polar bears, because of their size, are stronger in a sense,” Goswell said. “Polar bears are also extremely smart and can figure out puzzle feeders pretty quickly, whereas grizzly bears can just kind of smash their food down.”

Goswell did say polar bears are very skilled at getting their balls and toys in the right spots and added polar bears would definitely have the advantage on the ice.

While Goswell can’t quite determine who would win in the wild because they live in different habitats, it’s really the on-ice battle fans are most interested in.

Toronto will see who wins that one when the puck drops on Game 7 Saturday night in Boston.