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Police investigating social media post about alleged incident on TTC

Last Updated Jan 17, 2020 at 11:19 pm EST

Toronto police are looking into a report of an alleged incident on the TTC.

An Instagram user posted that a girl, between 16 to 18 years old, came up to her on the subway and shared an incident that had just occurred on the train with a man sitting next to her.

Several other women have since shared similar experiences of alleged incidents by the same man.

The alleged victim of the incident also responded thanking the user for sharing her story.

The Instagram user also said in an updated post that they had received messages from at least five other women.

It was posted Thursday afternoon and currently has over 2,300 comments.

CityNews has decided not to share details of the alleged incident, as the TTC says no one reported it and no witnesses have come forward.

TTC spokesperson Stuart Green tells CityNews the transit enforcement unit came across the viral post and reported it to police themselves.

“Unfortunately they do happen from time to time. We don’t always know though when they happen. Somebody can report them after the fact directly to police and unless police come to us looking for further information, we wouldn’t know that. Sometimes it’s reported directly to us and we can get police involved as well.”

“We’re a big system, we’re a busy system. We have almost two-million people a day that are moving around our system. But we want it to be a safe as possible, both for our customers and our employees,” added Green.

Toronto police say the TTC filed a report based on the post on Friday morning.