Half of parents ready to vaccinate kids under 11: poll

Half of Canadian parents with kids under the age of 11 are ready to vaccinate their little ones against COVID-19, new research from the Angus Reid Institute suggests.

One in two parents told the pollster they plan to get their kids vaccinated as soon as they’re eligible.

This number jumps to 63 per cent in households where parents have a university education and dips a little to 46 per cent for those with a high school diploma or less.


Nationally, 23 per cent, say that they will not be vaccinating their kids against COVID.

While around 15 per cent of parents in B.C., Ontario, and Atlantic Canada said they’d pass on the shot for their kids, that number doubled in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Quebec.

The responses come amid speculation that elementary school kids will be soon eligible for the shot.

Pfizer is looking for approval from Health Canada for their shots to be used on kids under 12.


Meantime, the pollster also found that the idea of a third shot for adults is fairly well received.

Three in five say they’d take another booster shot if they were offered, and another one in five say they’d eventually take the extra dose, but they aren’t in a rush to get it.

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