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Eva Fragiskatos

Morning Traffic Reporter

About Eva

Eva Fragiskatos is the traffic reporter for the 680 NEWS morning show. She has been helping drivers get around the city for over 12 years. Starting as an overnight traffic reporter with 680 NEWS, she quickly made her way to a morning position with Breakfast Television where she worked for five years alongside Dina Pugliese, Tracy Moore, Frank Ferragine and Kevin Frankish. You can still find her filling in from time to time on Breakfast Television. Eva also worked on City News Channel as a traffic and weather reporter. Following her five years on BT, Eva moved into the role of entertainment reporter on the 680 NEWS morning show. She has interviewed hundreds of A-list celebrities including Ryan Reynolds, Al Pacino, Jake Gyllenhaal, Don Cheadle, Jane Lynch, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston, Anna Kendrick, Zach Galifanakis, Daniel Radcliffe, Salma Hayek, Don Cheadle, and many more. She is an accredited TIFF reporter and has covered dozens of red carpet film premieres and events. When she's not on the air or on your TV, Eva spends all her time chasing after her two beautiful little girls.