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Students at 28 Durham schools will face September time change

Last Updated Mar 21, 2017 at 9:16 am EST

We just sprang forward, changing our clocks to accommodate daylight saving time. In the fall, we’ll fall back – and students at 28 schools in Durham region will be coping with another time change.

The bus pickup will change by anywhere from five to 45 minutes. The Durham District School Board said they needed to redraw some bus routes due to increased bus use and financial pressure.

Parents will have to accommodate the change, with some saying it will mean increased child care costs.

A total of 18 schools will have their start times changed by 10 minutes or less, while six schools will shift between 15-25 minutes. Four schools in Whitby, Ajax and Uxbridge will see classes shifted by 30-45 minutes.

The school board says the adjustments were the most efficient way to allow for more students to access transportation.

Without the time changes, the board would have to send out additional buses, which would cost more than $1.2 million.

List of schools

Proposed changes – 10 minutes or less

Carruthers Creek PS 10 minutes later
J Clarke Richardson CI 10 minutes earlier at end of day only
Julie Payette PS 5 minutes earlier
Meadowcrest PS 10 minutes later
Pringle Creek PS 10 minutes later
Coronation PS 10 minutes later
Eastdale CVI 10 minutes later
O’Neill CVI 10 minutes earlier
Sunset Heights PS 10 minutes earlier
Walter E Harris PS 10 minutes earlier
Altona PS 10 minutes earlier
Gandasetiagon PS 10 minutes later
RH Cornish PS 10 minutes later
Porty Perry HS 5 minutes later
Quaker Village PS 10 minutes later
Scott Central PS 5 minutes earlier
Uxbridge PS 5 minutes later

Proposed changes – 10 to 15 minutes

Ajax HS 10 minutes later, shorten lunch by 5 minutes
Pickering HS 15 minutes earlier
John Dryden PS 20 minutes later
Sinclair SS 25 minutes later
Bayview Heights PS 25 minutes later
Pine Ridge SS 20 minutes earlier
Greenbank PS 20 minutes earlier

Proposed changes 30-45 minutes
Eagle Ridge PS 30 minutes later
Donald A Wilson SS 30 minutes earlier
SA Cawker PS 45 minutes later
Joseph Gould PS 40 minutes later