Hwy. 401 Will Be Renamed ‘Highway Of Heroes’ To Honour Soldiers

Transport Minister Donna Cansfield has confirmed to media that a stretch of the 401 will be named the ” Highway of Heroes” to commemorate the path fallen soldiers take from  CFB Trenton to the forensic centre in Toronto.

Meanwhile, a massive rally to show support for Canadian troops worldwide is underway at the CNE for the afternoon. Adding to the day’s events, it’s also “Red Friday” at the Ex and visitors are encouraged to wear the patriotic colour to the demonstration.

Earlier Friday, the bodies of the latest Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan began the long journey home. Just after dawn, an emotional ramp ceremony was held at Kandahar airfield for Master Corporal Christian Duchesne and Master Warrant Officer Mario Mercier of the Royal 22nd Regiment, both based in Valcartier , Quebec . Their caskets were loaded onto a Hercules transport aircraft for the long flight back to Canada . The soldiers were killed in by a roadside bomb attack Wednesday about 50 km west of Kandahar .


They were the 68th and 69th Canadian casualties of the Afghanistan mission, which began in 2002.


Here are your thoughts:



I do not support the Afghanistan mission although I do support our troops.
The soldiers accepted the task as directed by their superiors and I support them (soldiers) for what they HAVE TO DO until the “Mission is Complete”.
Supporter wearing RED TODAY !


— Rosemary



No I don’t support our troops fighting in Afghanistan.What would you ask to do next? Support our troops against First Nations people or the poor. My country right or wrong what Bull-S**t.  We are suppose to be PEACEKEEPERS not Harper and Bushes Tin Soldiers.


— Tim



I absolutely believe that we should always SUPPORT our troops…………but support the war? NO.


I think it is time to bring the Canadian Troops home, I always believed that the Canadian Military were  great peace keepers throughout the world but when we put guns in their hands and told them to kill people we started to lose soldiers if this is not clear and distinct  to our Government…then…we need to change our Government.


— Susan



I agree with the callers that support the mission and troops in Afghanistan, especially that caller Masir from Scarborough. A lot of Canadians are pointing fingers and complaining about the mission, but no one’s taking the time to talk to the troops themselves and the Afghan people to see there opinion. If they are in favour, I don’t see what the problem is. Everyone’s standing on the sidelines and commenting, but not taking time out to listen to the people that are physically and emotionally connected to this mission.
— K Wallace



Great topic today – and we should definitely do all we can to support our Canadian troops at home and abroad. Those two ladies should be congratulated and applauded for their initiative.


So yes, wear red to support the troops. I also think we should do other things too. How about encouraging people to fly a Canadian flag from their cars in support of our troops? We should especially do things like this during the first part of November in the days leading up to Remembrance Day. We should also pray for them, as well as their families and friends.


May God bless our troops and bring them home safely.


— Greg


I wonder if those who say our troops should return home because the war in Afghanistan is not our war would have wanted our troops recalled in WWII.  After all that was not directly Canada’s war.  But Canada’s men and women laid down their lives to prevent the spread of a great evil.  They are doing the same in Afghanistan.


— Gloria



On August 24, 2007 i just caught the programme regarding us supporting our troops over seas.  I think, like a lot of people, I completely support our troops but not the war.  Too many of our men and women have been taken.  I agree with the one caller, Bindladen will never be caught and the war will continue.  I would love to know if there is a site in which soliders can be contacted to chat with anyone who cares to chat with them. 


I am totally impressed with what these two women have done to support our troops and would love to know where to get the tshirts that they were wearing.


Thank you

— Nancy



Supporting our military should not matter whether you agree or disagree with their missions. One must always remember that these man and woman will risk there lives for you and me and our families, without question . Where many would run , they would stay. If we needed their protection , it would not matter who agreed or disagreed , they would  give up their lives to protect us .


For this people we owe them our respect and support .


Ignoring the world’s problems, does not make them go away. Where would we be if Canada ignored the problems of the world in the second world war .  We all know that eventually the second world war would have come to our door steps and there would no longer be a choice. One should ask , where would we be today if we had waited?


Is it not great to have an opinion ? Is it not greater to be able to voice that opinion? We should thank God that we live in a country that protects us and our freedoms. Thank God that we do not live in a country that will kill our freedom and beliefs by killing us.  If you do not agree with what they are doing, then Vote !!!

But remember, voting is one of the freedoms our soldiers fought and died for . Is that not the freedoms our troops are fighting for now ?


God Bless the Troops and I thank them !


— Michele



I will always support our troops no matter what.  However, I do NOT support this mission  I feel sorry for those people in Afghanistan however I regret that our troops had to be involved with this waste of time effort as it would seem that it will never end.  Our precious troops are dying for a cause that at the end of the day won’t change a damn thing over there.  Anyway. I am NOT a politician.  Just another true Canadian who hasn’t got a say in anything. 

— Claudette



I am not for re-naming the highway in memory of our fallen soldiers.  I am not in favour of our troops even fighting in the war.  I think the highway should remain named like it is, I don’t want to be reminded every time I go on the highway that our soldiers had to die for nothing.  Ever since our troops have gone to join in with the U.S. all I have seen is more violence, death toll rising, nothing is resolved! Get our troops out of there!  How many more troops need to die and do you really think that you can change the mentality of those countries!?


— Nora



First of all it is not our war, it is Bush’s war.  Canadians are supposed to be leaders not

followers but our Harper government is following the US path.  I don’t support this war, in

fact most Canadian’s don’t but Harper-Bush government have their way.  It’s countries like

United States that cause all the trouble in the world, even the UN doesn’t agree with them. 
I don’t want to be reminded every time I go on highway that our soldiers died for no reason,

please leave the name to 401. Try doing other things like reducing the crime rate.
Anyway, I know its a waste of time when everyone has their eyes closed.  People really need

to educate themselves on what the reality is.
— Raheel




Like many, I support the troops, but not the Mission. This is not our war to fight. The US

government has taken it upon themselves to create a situation over there and unnecessarily

involve us.


I thank the men and women for dedicating themselves to fight for our freedom, but fighting

in this war has not changed a thing, except raising the death toll of soldiers who do not

deserve to die.


Pull out our troops. Leave Afghanistan alone. That area of the world has always been

troubled and will remain that way unfortunately. Let’s not instigate anything further.


— Joanne




I believe that given it is now 2007 our troops should be brought home because this to me from the very beginning was Bush’s war and just like his daddy they are war hungry which makes me sick to my stomach to think that our innocent soldiers are dying over a losing battle. It’s not our war so bring the Canadian soldiers home to there families where they belong!!

— Tony



I think this is a wonderful idea but I did have another thought I live in a new sub division where the street was named after a politician. Since they are always building and there are many new roads all across Canada, could the soldiers not be honoured by having a road, street what ever the case may be named in honour of  each fallen soldier. Just a thought…


— Lorraine



With respect to your coverage of this event at the CNE – I think you should have had folks who do not support the mission in Afganistan especially from the anti-war movement.  I think that the support the troops has been orchestrated by two political parties to bolster support in upcoming federal and provincial elections for the Liberal and Tory parties. 


We should not be in Aghanistan waisting lives and spending oodles of money when that money is needed to support our crumbling social safety net and healthcare.  This is a right-wing tory and liberal supported mission to try and appease the Bush Regime for not going to Iraq.  It is not about supporting our troops at all but about supporting a failed Americal policy and President!!!


Canada needs a made in Canada policy not one made in Washington supported by Harper Tories and this Conservative regime.


— Jenny





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