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Man Gunned Down At Halfway House Had Mob Ties

Constantin “Big Gus” Alevizos, a former university football star who enjoyed a brief stint with the Toronto Argonauts, was shot dead at a Brampton halfway house on Wednesday night.  He was 44.

After his football career came to a halt, Alevizos became well known to police for his ties to organized crime.  Less than a year ago he was handed a three year prison sentence after being found guilty of trafficking ecstasy pills.  Alevizos was granted parole for that crime just days before he was gunned down outside St. Leonard’s Place on Queen St. E., near Dixie Rd. 

The burly ex-footballer was the target of a planned hit in 2001 after he was suspected of stealing $600,000 from a mob enforcer’s home.  The plot was foiled by police, but the message was loud and clear — Alevizos was a marked man.  He was also apparently being targeted by an Asian gang who felt he ripped them off on a deal. 

On Wednesday night, Peel police found Alevizos in the foyer of the halfway house, bleeding heavily from a series of gunshot wounds to the back and abdomen.

He was declared dead on arrival at hospital.