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Prayers Answered For Ontario’s Newest Multimillionaire

Ontario’s newest multimillionaire has a lot to be thankful for.

“I prayed to God a lot,” William Hastie, 71, said at the Ontario Lottery prize office.

“I asked, ‘could you let me win’?”

The Kirkland Lake resident has been buying tickets every week for the past 43 years. This time, he finally cashed in, bringing home a whopping $16,668,274.

“It’s completely overwhelming,” his wife Pat admitted.  

“But it will be fun.”

William plans to use the money to help their three daughters.

“I could drop dead tomorrow. At least I go knowing that my kids will always have enough money,” he added.

While they have no plans to treat themselves, they do plan to buy a new Ford, and get a phone with call display.