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Councillor’s Voting Error Axes Bike Lane Plan

A pilot project involving segregated bike lanes on University Avenue failed to win approval during a close vote at City Hall after a councillor’s voting error.

Coun. Paula Fletcher tried to reverse her vote in which she accidentally voted “yes” Wednesday to an amendment to remove the University Avenue project from the city’s larger bikeway network plan.

There would have been a tie if Fletcher had cast her vote the way she’d intended. A tie likely would have resulted in a vote on the larger bike plan including the University Avenue proposal, which involved putting the lanes to the test for 12 weeks this summer.

Cycling advocates were deeply disappointed by the result and aren’t holding out hope the University Avenue plan will be resurrected after the municipal election in the fall.

Council did approve new bike lanes for Bay Street, Lansdowne and Spadina Crescent.

It was a busy day in the council chambers Wednesday. Aside from voting on the bike lanes, council delayed a vote on allowing shopping on public holidays until the fall and approved early bar hours for the World Cup.