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Eco Fee Levied On Many Products

There’s a new Eco Fee that’s been levied on many products – and you may have been paying it since July 1.

On the same day that the controversial HST took effect, an environmental fee was also introduced in the province.

Stewardship Ontario is overseeing the levy, which applies to aerosol containers, household cleaning products, fire extinguishers, and a host of other products.

A similar fee was introduced in 2008 on items like paint, batteries, and pesticides.

On its website, Stewardship Ontario explained that the money does not go to the government, but to recycling the affected products. The agency also runs the Blue Box program.

List of Eco Fees

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What’s Affected?

As of July 1, 2010, thirteen new categories, covering thousands of products, have been added to the Orange Drop list which now includes:

  • batteries
  • pharmaceuticals
  • sharps and syringes
  • aerosol containers
  • antifreeze
  • drain cleaners and other corrosives
  • spot removers and other irritants
  • fertilizers
  • fire extinguishers
  • fuels and other flammables
  • fluorescents
  • moth balls and other leachate toxics
  • thermometers and other mercury containing devices
  • oil containers
  • oil filters
  • paint and coatings
  • pesticides
  • pressurized containers
  • metal powders and other reactives
  • adhesives and other toxics.