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G20 Rally Draws Hundreds

More than a thousand people marched through Toronto’s downtown core Saturday, demanding an independent public inquiry into how police handled security in last month’s G20 summit.

Protesters, part of “The Day of Action for Civil Liberties,” started the day with a rally at Queen’s Park.

They then headed toward the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, where the summit was held, and the public was banned.

The group then headed to Queen and Spadina and staged a brief sit in This is where security forces and protesters clashed, resulting in mass arrests on the final day of the summit.

About 16 civil rights groups are involved in the demonstration. In addition to calling for a public inquiry into how security was enforced, the demonstrators also want the costs to be examined.

Police have faced criticism for being harsh with protesters.

In all, more than 1, 100 people were arrested during the G20 summit. More than 700 of those arrested were released without charge within 24 hours, while about 250 are still facing various charges. The majority of the arrests came on Sunday, the day after the bulk of the violence.

Demonstrations were also held in Halifax, Kingston and Montreal.