Barrie woman edges closer to becoming Charlie Sheen’s new intern

Getting the boss his daily dose of tiger blood may be just one of the duties assigned to Charlie Sheen’s new intern.

And that intern may just be 25-year-old Lyndsey Vanstone. The Barrie resident, who used to intern at Sportsnet Radio – the FAN 590, is one of 50 candidates still in the running for the job.

“Just getting it alone for me would be so exciting. I never been to California, I have never met a big, huge star like that. I think it would be great,” Vanstone told 680 News.

A whopping 70,000 people applied for the chance to be part of Sheen’s ‘winning’ team.

The other remaining Canadian contender is Phil Pallen from Belleville, Ont. The two will find out this week if they’ve made the cut and will move onto the next round of judging.

And while many have been criticizing Sheen for his wild antics, Vanstone says she thinks her potential boss is one smart cookie.

“I think he is a genius…I think that this is just going to be a huge comeback and he’ll have duped everybody. I don’t think people can go that crazy in just one day,” Vanstone said.

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