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Man fined for travelling with blow-up doll in HOV lane

File photo of a blow-up doll. GETTY IMAGES/BRAND X/Steve Allen.

High occupancy lane abuser or very lonely commuter?

A Burlington man was slapped with a $220-fine for driving in an HOV lane on the QEW Wednesday with a blow-up doll as his passenger.

Working off a tip from a fellow motorist, the OPP stopped the 51-year-old man in his black SUV near Dorval Drive in Oakville. The man placed an inflatable doll clad in a jacket and cap in the passenger seat.

Cops confiscated the doll — she’s being held in an evidence locker. The coat and hat were returned to the driver.

The man could get six demerit points for the stunt.

Others have tried to cheat their way onto the speedy strip. A woman once put a baby seat in her car and stuffed a child’s coat.

Vehicles must be carrying at least two people to use the HOV lanes.