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Rob Ford accused of swearing at 911 dispatcher

Mayor Rob Ford speaks to reporters on March 2, 2011. CITYNEWS

A 911 dispatcher in Toronto says Mayor Rob Ford verbally abused and swore at her when he called to report a television crew outside his home, according to CBC News.

Ford phoned the emergency line on Monday after comedian Mary Walsh of the comedy show This Hour Has 22 Minutes ambushed him in his driveway with cameras rolling.

A source told the CBC he called 911 again when police didn’t arrive right away.

“You … bitches!” Ford allegedly said. “Don’t you f–king know? I’m Rob f–king Ford, the mayor of this city!”

Neither Toronto police spokesman Mark Pugash nor Toronto Police Association President Mike McCormack could be reached immediately for comment, though the CBC says the dispatchers involved have complained to the union.

Ford said he called police because he has received death threats before and the crew frightened his young daughter.

Last July, a Toronto woman said the mayor gave her the finger and mouthed swear words at her when she signalled to him to get off his cellphone while he was driving in Chinatown.

Ford’s press secretary Adrienne Batra admitted Ford was talking on his phone at the time, but denied he used profanities.