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Doug Ford: ‘Why isn’t the left getting audited?’

Coun. Doug Ford says he’s fed up with left-wing special interest groups targeting his family with one legal battle after another.

“We have nothing to hide at all,” Doug Ford told CityNews on Friday as he awaited the results of an audit of Mayor Rob Ford’s campaign finances.

“Why are they coming after Rob? Because they can’t beat him in the election. So they’re gonna try to do everything they can to take him down.”

Coun. Ford said a group called Fair Elections Toronto has been getting legal help pro bono, while he and his mayor brother have spent hundreds of thousands dollars of their own money.

“Very few people, very few families would put up with this harassment,” he said. “It’s relentless

“This is a complete witch hunt by the left and the special interest groups.”

A forensic audit of Ford’s 2010 campaign spending showed the mayor overspent by $40,168, violating the province’s Municipal Elections Act.

The city’s compliance audit committee will meet Feb. 25 to decide whether to pursue charges.

Ford could face various penalties, reportedly ranging from a fine to removal from office, although no Ontario politician has been seriously punished for violating the act.

— With files from Shawne McKeown