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Pandas arrive at Toronto Zoo March 25

An Asian Games panda eats at Xiangjiang Safari Park on Nov. 18, 2010 in Guangzhou, China. Rao Binbin/ChinaFotoPress

Two pandas on loan from China will be arriving at the Toronto Zoo later this month.

The pair, Er Shun (a five-year-old female) and Da Mao (a four-year-old male), will be shipped by FedEx to Toronto on March 25, the zoo announced Wednesday.

Spokeswoman Cynthia Shipley said the zoo hopes to have the new giant panda exhibit at the Eurasia pavilion ready by the May long weekend, but that there was still work to be done.

“There’s still stuff being done,” she said. “Their exhibit is looking really good but the rest of the Eurasia exhibit needs to be finalized.”

The animals will spend five years in Toronto before moving to the zoo in Calgary. However, if Er Shun becomes pregnant, the pair could stay longer in Toronto.

The last time pandas were at the Toronto Zoo in 1985, a record 1.9 million people visited the zoo during the three-month-long exhibit.

Watch the YouTube video of zoo staff announcing the pandas’ imminent arrival by doing the Harlem Shake.