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Cineplex’s new SuperTicket includes movie stub, digital copy

Cineplex Entertainment announced Thursday the launch of SuperTicket, a new bundle that will allow moviegoers to watch a film in theatres and download it later — all for one price.

The UltraViolet digital download will allow consumers to watch the movie on any device once the movie is released for home viewing, often before the DVD and Blu-ray come out.

The SuperTicket will also offer extras, including special features from the movie as well as cast interviews.

SuperTickets will soon be for sale at any Cineplex theatre box office online at Cineplex.com or on the Cineplex mobile app. They will include a voucher for theatre admission and another with an access code for the digital version.

“People want things instantly and they want to be able to watch them on different devices. This provides them with all of those options,” said Cineplex president and CEO Ellis Jacob in an interview with The Canadian Press.

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc., Paramount Pictures Canada and Universal Pictures have all signed on to participate.

Cineplex is set to release more details about SuperTicket movies and their specific offers in the near future. Pricing wasn’t immediately available.