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Mayor Ford admits he was drinking after video surfaces

Mayor Rob Ford admitted that it was him in another video that showed him slurring and swearing, and says that he was drinking on Monday. But he said it was on “my own time.”

The video of Ford called “New Video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Drunk, Swearing in Jamaican Patois? Bumbaclot,” was uploaded to YouTube by Toronto TheCity on Tuesday.

It was taken at a steakhouse called Steak Queen in Etobicoke on Monday. An employee refused to speak to CityNews and hung up.

His brother, Coun Doug Ford, said it was “obviously” the mayor in the video, but insisted it wasn’t Monday night. However, the mayor admitted soon after the video surfaced Tuesday that he was at the restaurant at 345 Rexdale Blvd. on Monday night with some friends and that he was drinking “a little bit.”

“And what I do in my personal life and [with] my personal friends is up to me,” he told reporters. “It has nothing to do with you guys.”

A second video was uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday and appears to show Ford meeting with his friend and accused drug dealer, Alexander Lisi, at the same restaurant on Monday evening. Lisi was part of the police investigation into the alleged crack video last spring.

Watch the YouTube video uploaded by Tim Stewart who wasn’t immediately available for comment.

Ford said wasn’t driving on Monday evening. But wouldn’t say who drove him. Ford also said he didn’t think his use of a Jamaican accent was discriminatory at all.

The clip is a minute and six seconds long and called police chief Bill Blair a filthy name.

““C*ck——. Chief Blair. Chased me around for 5 months man. Bumbaclat. The guy, five months man, and then try to tell me f—, we’re counter surveilling you guy – know what I mean,” Ford said. “He’s hiding here. I’m hiding here. F— off. Do you know how much money that cost me? I said bro just cut something – No mon. No money, mon. Bumbaclot man. I said you know what you rasclat. I swear to god, I mean honestly man. Serious sh– man.”

Toronto police told CityNews that chief Blair has seen the video but declined to comment about personal attacks.

Ford’s conduct contradicts his promise that he had sworn off drinking following his admission in November of smoking crack cocaine and driving drunk.

Coun. Joe Mihevc said, “I think the video speaks for itself.” He added that the mayor continues to be an embarrassment to the city even though he promised to stay on the wagon.

He said thankfully council, which stripped Ford of most of his powers in November, didn’t give him authority during the ice storm emergency.

Coun. Michael Thompson said Ford’s use of the Jamaican accent was offensive.

“It’s a sad day. It’s another unfortunate situation in an ongoing saga,” he said.

Ford needs help, he said.

Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly said he was disappointed after seeing portions of the latest video.

He again urged Ford to step down from office or step aside to seek professional help.

“He’s got do a lot of soul searching, I think, in the next few days,” Kelly said. “If it’s happened once, it may happen again.”