Toronto police warn of ice falling from downtown highrises

By News Staff

Fluctuating temperatures haven’t just turned Toronto in a slushy mess, they’ve also created the conditions for something much more dangerous than soppy socks – falling ice.

In a tweet, Toronto police say they’ve received reports of ice falling from a building at Front Street and Blue Jays Way.

They’re sending units to the scene to assess the danger.

A CityNews viewer also captured what appears to be ice falling from downtown highrises.

No injuries have been reported, but it’s not the first time falling ice has threatened the safety of pedestrians.

The CN Tower has been the scene of more than one incident.

Back in 2007 a large chunk of ice fell from the tower, hitting a man in the head. And in March, 2012, CityNews cameras captured sheets of ice flying off the iconic structure.

Towers and skyscrapers aren’t the only menace when it comes to ice.

In January 2015, a sheet of ice flew off a transport truck on the 401, smashing a woman’s windshield.

The driver was showered with glass, but luckily wasn’t seriously injured.

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