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Trending: Coffee made of cat poop coming to Toronto

Last Updated Mar 22, 2016 at 7:43 am EST

Two of Parliament Hill's resident stray cats sit on a park bench outside the House of Commons in Ottawa Wednesday Dec 1, 1999. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Tom Hanson

Having a crappy morning? Well get a load of this…

A luxurious coffee variety made of cat poop is on its way to Toronto, and it’s all thanks to a company from Vancouver called Doi Chaang Coffee.

Cat poop coffee (formally known as civet coffee) is derived from partly digested coffee beans that were eaten and then defecated by the Asian civet cat.

According to Doi Chang, the enzymes picked up in the civet’s digestive tract are what gives the coffee its distinct taste and makes it one of the most sought-after types in the world.

If you’re brave enough to sample some, you’ll be able to from April 8 to 10 at the Toronto Food & Drink Market.

We recommend putting this on your list of things to try with your favourite potty-mouth.