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TTC launching ad campaign to promote better behaviour

Last Updated Feb 6, 2019 at 4:32 pm EDT

The TTC is launching a system-wide courtesy campaign in May 2017 encouraging polite and considerate behaviour while travelling on transit. TTC

Loud talkers, backpacks on crowded streetcars, hoarding of priority seats – these are among the etiquette lapses the TTC is aiming to correct with its new campaign.

The “You Said It” ads use tweets from TTC riders complaining about inconsiderate and unsafe behaviour that has become increasingly noticeable as the system gets more and more crowded.

The TTC said it gets lots of comments about trespassing on subway tracks, not giving up priority seats to those in need, crowding and holding subway doors, wearing backpacks on crowded vehicles, and placing feet and bags on seats.

Earlier this year, a woman was videotaped sitting on another rider’s feet after he refused to remove them from a seat when asked.

The clash went viral and brought attention to a little-known bylaw that states a rider can be fined for putting his or her feet on a vehicle seat.

The TTC said the types of behaviours it’s targeting are dangerous, discourteous and disruptive, causing delays that affect tens of thousands of people. Fines range from $235 to $425 and, in the case of trespassing, can include criminal charges.

The ads will run indefinitely on all TTC vehicles and in stations.