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UPS Canada launching bike courier project in Toronto

Last Updated Oct 23, 2017 at 1:30 pm EDT

UPS Canada has launched a cargo bike pilot in Toronto in which deliveries will be done by bicycle.

Mayor John Tory joined UPS officials at Nathan Phillips Square on Monday for the announcement.

“Well I think it’s a wonderful innovation that we’re going to try,” Tory said.

City cyclists don’t need to be intimidated by these rather large bikes. The three-wheelers will not be allowed in the bike lanes.

“The experiment will take place on the roads and it will be treated in that manner,” Tory explained.

“It will not be something that will be in the bike lane, nor are they contemplated to be in the bike lanes going forward.”

Tory said the UPS pilot project will ease some of the frustration of drivers, pedestrians and cyclists about courier companies parking their trucks in bike lanes or taking up a lane of traffic.

“Assuming the pilot is successful and it gets rolled out … having these downtown, (it) will be a lot easier to find a place for them on a side street than would be the case with one of those great big trucks that are the way we’ve done things in the past.”