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Toronto Hydro investigates frequent power outages in St. Clair neighbourhood

Last Updated Jul 17, 2018 at 6:04 pm EST

Toronto Hydro says help is on the way for residents in one pocket of a St. Clair neighbourhood who say they’ve been experiencing power outages at least once or twice a week for the past few months.

In an email to CityNews, Toronto Hydro acknowledged the issue and said the area has been prioritized for upgrades.

“We have two projects tabled over the next couple of years to update infrastructure. If approved by the Ontario Energy Board, we’ll be investing significant capital work into the St. Clair and Bathurst area.”

Resident Martha Marini says it’s common for her to come home and see the clock on her stove flashing and the air conditioner not working.

“My entire street is full of seniors and that’s what I worry about because after the blackout you’re constantly going to the seniors to make sure they’re okay,” she says. “Even though it’s just an hour, that means a lot to them.”

Resident Tony Pavlis says it’s frustrating because his landline stops working.

“I want to check up on my child. My in-laws that are watching him can’t get through. She can’t call out so we had to get a pay-as-you-go cell phone.”

Toronto Hydro has vowed to improve service.

“We have escalated this issue and now have a plan to patrol the lines over the next week or so to identify and resolve any detectable issues with our equipment.”

Toronto Hydro says 40 per cent of all outages across the system are caused by aging equipment.