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Trudeau government aims to reduce poverty by 50% in Canada by 2030

Minister for Social Development Jean Yves Duclos speaks to the media about the poverty reduction bill in Ottawa, Nov. 6, 2018. ROGERS MEDIA/Cormac Mac Sweeney

The Trudeau government has introduced a poverty reduction bill in the House of Commons, setting out some hefty goals over the next decade.

The bill calls for a 20 per cent reduction in poverty by 2020 and a 50 per cent reduction in poverty by 2030.

Speaking at a community kitchen in Ottawa, Minister for Social Development Jean Yves Duclos said the bill also create an independent advisory council on poverty.

He said it will also set an official poverty line in Canada, which will be based on the income required to buy the basic goods and services people need to have a modest standard of living.

However, the bill does not come with any additional funding to tackle the issue of poverty.

Duclos said the government will achieve its goals through previously announced measures like the Affordable Housing Strategy, and through future initiatives.

The announcement comes less than one year ahead of the next election, but the minister denies the legislation is just a ploy for votes.

Duclos said he believes the goals are realistic.

If the goal is achieved, this would lift 2.2 million Canadians out of poverty from 2015 levels.

Duclos said the legislation will force future governments to follow this poverty reduction goal. If not, they will have to answer to Canadians.