St. Michael’s College School reported an ‘incident’ to Toronto police Monday, not alleged sex assault

By News Staff

St. Michael’s College School contacted police regarding an “incident” on Monday, the Toronto police have told CityNews, but it wasn’t the alleged group sexual assault under investigation.

Police said that it provided advice to the school and “no further action was taken or received.”

On Wednesday morning, police said it learned of a different incident — the alleged group sexual assault that is being investigated by police — only after CityNews called for details.

In the video of the alleged sexual assault viewed by CityNews, a teen boy surrounded by a group is naked from the waist down and appears to be sexually assaulted with a broomstick while his legs are being held.

In another video also viewed by CityNews, a teen boy is inside a sink in his underwear. Water is run over him and several students are slapping his bare skin.

Students say the videos were videotaped and circulated on social media.

CityNews has learned that a pre-emptive email went out yesterday to parents considering sending their children to St. Mikes next year, pointing them to the statement on the website and advising them to call the school if they have any questions.


Are you aware of any alleged incidents at St. Michael’s College School? Contact CityNews. We want to hear your story.


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