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Familiar faces return to top jobs at city hall as Tory makes his recommendations

Last Updated Dec 12, 2018 at 10:44 am EDT

Despite a smaller city council size, Mayor John Tory will continue to have four deputy mayors as he heads into his second term in the city’s top job — each one representing areas across the city.

The mayor’s office has confirmed the announcement is expected to be made on Wednesday ahead of the striking committee.

Denzil Minnan-Wong, representing north Toronto, will return as the ‘statutory’ deputy mayor, Ana Bailao also returns as deputy mayor for Toronto and East York and will focus on housing, Michael Thompson from Scarborough will focus on jobs, and Stephen Holyday continues as deputy mayor representing Etobicoke with a focus on modernization and governance along with chairing the Special Committee on Governance.

When it comes to heading the TTC, Tory has picked Jaye Robinson as a replacement for Josh Colle, who stepped down from politics ahead of the municipal election to move to the private sector. Robinson will have an upward battle ahead of her as the province continues to push for control over the TTC’s subway system. She will also be starting basically from scratch when it comes to who will make up the TTC board — the board was all but obliterated during the election with only one member, Minnan-Wong, surviving reelection.

“I believe she will continue the strong stewardship of the TTC that has led to record investments in service and state of good repair,” Mayor Tory wrote in a letter to councillors on Wednesday.

“And we will all rely on her to be a strong advocate for the Relief Line and focused on ensuring transit service continuously improves.”

Another position possibly headed for a fight with the province will be that of the mayor’s designate at Waterfront Toronto — for which Tory will be recommending Joe Cressy. Last week, the province fired three board members from Waterfront Toronto after the Auditor Generals’ report criticized the cost overruns at the government agency on Sidewalk Labs and other projects.

Other positions recommended include Paula Fletcher as Tory’s designate at CreateTO and veteran city councillor Anthony Perruzza as poverty reduction advocate.

On top of their roles as deputy mayor, Tory will also recommend Bailao serve as chair of planning and housing and Michael Thompson as head of economic and community development.

“Ana Bailao has been a champion for housing and for making sure we are achieving our targets for approving affordable housing units,” Tory wrote.

“I’m relying on her to continue that work and to supercharge our efforts — I hope you will all join me in working with her to build more affordable housing now for our residents.”

James Pasternak will be chair of infrastructure and environment, and chair of general government and licensing will go to Paul Ainslie.

Scarborough Southwest councillor Gary Crawford will continue on as the city’s budget chief.

“I know he will continue to calmly and responsibly guide the City’s budget process, as he has for the last four years,” Tory wrote.

“Councillor Crawford understands the importance of this process and the need to invest in key city services while at the same time keeping tax increases low and life in our city affordable.”