Arkells using social media to teach lessons during coronavirus self-isolation

They are calling it the ‘Flatten The Curve Music Lessons.’ Lindsay Dunn with how Hamilton native rockers The Arkells are using social media to offer up music lessons for their fans who are in self isolation.

By Lindsay Dunn

There is a chance you’ve already watched everything on Netflix and can no longer chill, as the government urges us all to stay home or self-isolate during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In light of ongoing social distancing, one Canada’s most beloved bands has taken to social media to help teach fans their music.

“We are doing it at 1 p.m. everyday,” Max Kerman of the Arkells told CityNews. “We usually post the chords in the morning and that’s the song of the day, and then I take questions about any other songs anyone else is curious about.”

They are calling it the ‘Flatten The Curve Music Lessons’.

“At first it started out as a way to entertain myself,” Kerman said from his home. “I am a bit of a busy body and I like to pack in as much into a day as I can and being at home, that provided a whole new challenge for me. So I thought why not go on Instagram and connect with our audience and do something useful and productive to pass the time.”

They’ve had people from around the world tune in for their live lessons.

“It’s really fun, it’s been the bright spot of my day. We had a kid call in from Ottawa and he had a question about one of our songs and we went through the song in real time. I could see him trying to figure out the chord pattern on how the guitar part went and then he started to sing along with the chorus himself. This is what it’s all about. It was really cool to see him improve in real time.”

The entire band is in self-isolation in their own homes and from time to time, other members will join in the live lessons remotely.

“I’m trying to be as positive about this as I can. Having those moments of connections in the day are really important. Music has always been an escape for people, so I think for us to be able to provide a little service for the public is really comforting and it’s something I enjoy taking on.”

So how long are they planning on doing this?

“For as long as we are practicing social distancing and we are being told it’s best to stay indoors, we are just going to keep doing it. We have a lot of material to get through to be honest!”

To take part in the daily lessons at 1 p.m. ET you can follow the Arkells on Instagram @ArkellsMusic.

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