Long-exonerated Guy Paul Morin ‘relieved’ for Jessop family after killer identified

By News Staff

Guy Paul Morin, who was wrongfully convicted of killing Christine Jessop before his exoneration in 1995, says he’s “relieved” for the Jessop family after police used DNA evidence to reveal her real killer.

“This morning, two members of the Toronto Police Service came to my home and told me that they had identified the man who murdered Christine Jessop through DNA found on Christine’s clothing,” he said in a statement released through his lawyer, James Lockyer.

“I am relieved for Christine’s mother, Janet, and her family, and hope this will give them some peace of mind,” he said. “They have been through a dreadful ordeal for 36 years since they lost Christine in 1984.”

Morin also thanked Toronto police for pursuing justice so many years after the murder.

“I am grateful that the Toronto Police stayed on the case and have now finally solved it,” he added. “When DNA exonerated me in January, 1995, I was sure that one day DNA would reveal the real killer and now it has.”

“Christine’s murder was a terrible and tragic event.”

Morin said he would not be commenting further on the case.

Today’s Announcement that the Toronto Police Service has identified the man who murdered Christine Jessop by CityNewsToronto on Scribd

Lockyer, who was instrumental in having Morin’s conviction overturned, also expressed relief at the news.

“At last. At long last,” he said.

Lockyer fought for Morin after he was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

When new DNA evidence came to light, he successfully had the conviction overturned.

Lockyer told CityNews that he spoke to Morin on Thursday, shortly before police went public with news that Calvin Hoover, who died in 2015, was responsible for Jessop’s death.

“I think the important thing for him (Morin) and really for all of us who were so involved in this case … is that it’s going to give some peace of mind to the (Jessop) family.

“Guy Paul was exonerated a long time ago, back in 1995,” he added. “But of course as a person accused and indeed convicted of a crime he didn’t commit, he’s very relieved that they finally found the real killer as well.”

Calvin Hoover

Two photos of Calvin Hoover taken in 2015. HANDOUT/Toronto Police Service.

Lockyer said the case, however tragic, can be a learning experience.

“It’s a good reminder that when you convict the wrong person you’re not getting the right person, you’re not getting the real killer. And Guy Paul’s arrest and conviction took the authorities in the wrong direction for a decade or more and that’s a terrible shame. But it is good to know that the perpetrators been finally identified.”

Lockyer said Morin’s focus, and his own, is now on the Jessop family.

“I can’t imagine how they’ve felt for all these years and how they feel now,” he said. “I can’t speak for them, all I can say is I hope it brings them some peace of mind.”

Lockyer also thanked police for sticking with the case.

“A day was too long, but 36 years was far too long. At least God bless the Toronto police for keeping at it and giving us an answer at long last.”

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