Ont. Liberals call for investigation into fundraising letter from PC Party

By Richard Southern

The Ontario Liberal Party is calling for a police investigation after some Ontarians received a fundraising letter they claim reads like an invoice from the PC Party.

The word “invoice” is written in big bold letters in the top right hand corner of the letter while below, there is a description which reads “Election readiness fund.”

One of the letters obtained by 680 news shows, “Balance due $500” written at the bottom and “Please respond today.”

In a statement, the Liberals said, “Ontario’s Conservative Party is mailing fake “invoices” to households, with a demand for a payment. Ontario Liberals will be formally requesting an immediate investigation by Elections Ontario and the Ontario Provincial Police.”

“People are already struggling financially thanks to the pandemic,” said Ontario Liberal Party President, Brian Johns. “The Conservatives’ apparent attempt to potentially scam vulnerable people out of what little money they have left is despicable.”

In an interview with 680NEWS, NDP leader Andrea Horwath said people may feel like they have to pay because it appears to look like an invoice.

“It’s pretty sleazy regardless of whether it breaks any laws or not. It’s highly inappropriate,” said Horwath.

Taras Natyshak, the NDP’s ethics critic says she wrote a letter to the chief electoral officer at Elections Ontario in response to the document.

680NEWS has reached out several times to the Ontario PC party asking for comment but has not yet received any response.

When contacted, Elections Ontario said they would not comment on “whether or not it has received a complaint or whether or not it is investigating a matter.”

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