What happens when a key government agency just … doesn’t?

By The Big Story

In today’s Big Story podcast, right now, Ontario’s Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) is barely functional. The backlog of eviction challenges, both legal and illegal, is miles long, and currently the board is focused on hearing claims related to rent increases.

Meanwhile, in landlord Facebook groups, some are asking about penalties for illegal evictions, perhaps planning to simply eat the cost of unlawfully kicking out renters. And tenants, tossed by the hundreds for potentially dubious reasons since the eviction moratorium lifted, have nowhere to go — both legally, and literally.

Jack Hauen is a reporter at QP Briefing, and joins The Big Story to discuss the fallout from the chaos at the LTB, and what, if anything is being done to help remedy the situation.

“The provincial government has put nineteen million dollars into trying to improve the LTB, hiring more adjudicators — we haven’t really seen that pay off yet,” he said.

So how did it get this bad? And what do both renters and landlords need to know about the situation?

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