Apparent Roll Up the Rim boat winners roasted by technical glitch

Some Tim Hortons customers learned the hard way on Wednesday that life’s a glitch.

The iconic coffee chain is blaming a technical glitch for falsely informing some customers via email that they won Roll Up the Rim prizes, including a high-priced Bass Pro Shop fishing boat.

Two Timmies customers called the 680 News Radio newsroom Wednesday saying they received emails notifying them that they won the boat. Others have taken to social media with similar claims.

One post on X included a screengrab of the message, which congratulated the customer on winning a 2024 Tracker Targea 18 WT boat and trailer on their 60th virtual roll.

But they won’t be riding the sparkling waters anytime soon. It turned out to be a titanic failure.

Tim Hortons has now sent out an email message to some customers who use their app, explaining that, sorry, you didn’t really win anything.

“We’re reaching out to let you know that technical errors may have resulted in incorrect information about rolls or prizes being included in your Roll Up to Win recap email which you received today. Please disregard the content of that email,” reads the note.

“Unfortunately, some prizes that you did not win may have been included in the recap email you received. If this was the case, today’s email does not mean that you won those prizes.”

CityNews reached out to Tim Hortons, which provided a fairly decaffeinated response.

“There was an unfortunate error this morning with a Roll Up To Win recap email sent to some of our guests,” a spokesperson said.

The moral of the story: ‘Do-nut’ get your hopes up.

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