Toronto police tow truck task force probing 8 instances of shots fired at vehicles, buildings

Tow truck turf wars are heating up and gun violence is on the rise. Shauna Hunt with an update from Toronto police on their concerns over the shootings

The Toronto police tow truck task force is probing eight separate instances of gunfire in the city’s east end over a two-day period where vehicles and buildings were damaged.

According to a statement issued by the Toronto Police Service late Sunday, the first incident happened at around 2 a.m. on Saturday and the last one happened at around 7:45 p.m. on Sunday.

Officers didn’t provide a full list of locations, but they said all of the incidents happened in the Toronto Police Service’s 41 and 42 divisions. The rough boundaries are Victoria Park Avenue on the west, Steeles Avenue East on the north, Rouge National Urban Park on the east, north of Highway 401, west of Brimley Road and north of Lake Ontario.

Investigators said they believe a stolen newer, dark-coloured, four-door Honda CR-V has been used in each of the eight instances.

The statement said a passenger in the rear of the vehicle “discharged a firearm multiple time(s) at the victim addresses.”

While no one was injured, officers said several vehicles, homes and businesses “were struck multiple times.

The statement didn’t elaborate on the connections to the tow truck industry, but people who work within it were encouraged to be “vigilant and to call 911 if they see anything suspicious.”

The Toronto police operations X account posted six instances of shots fired in the same period cited in the statement, but there was no information to confirm these were all included in the eight locations involved.

CityNews tried to get additional information on the investigation Sunday night, but a spokesperson wasn’t available.

News of the investigation came just days after the Toronto Police Service announced the formation of a tow truck task force.

Authorities said there has been an alarming increase in violence connected to the tow truck industry, noting there has been a 74-per-cent year-over-year increase in shootings and firearm discharges. In most of those instances, there were no reports of physical injuries.

Meanwhile, new regulations on the industry imposed by the Ontario government kicked in on Monday. All tow truck drivers and vehicle storage operators are required to have provincial certifications.

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