Never too late to learn as GTA swimming school sees uptake in adult lessons

Want to take a dip in the water to beat the heat but don’t know how? Afua Baah has the details on why it’s never too late to learn the lifelong skill.

By Afua Baah

A heat warning remains in place in the GTA, and a dip in the pool may be a great way to cool off if you know how to swim. One swimmer and instructor said if you don’t have this skill yet, it’s never too late to learn.

Davina Lopez founded Davina’s Swim House in 2003, with the goal of delivering quality swimming lessons to people of all ages in a comfortable setting.

“Just come on in, and get into the pool, that’s the first step,” she said.

Lopez said she usually sees an uptick in adults reaching out about swimming lessons around the summer months.

“We do have a bit of adults all of a sudden, who they are bringing their children in, and they don’t know how to swim themselves, so we do see that…definitely in the last few years, we have seen more of an uptick, especially in the downtown core,” explained Lopez.

She advised people to start taking lessons before the summer season hits but she adds that she is always ready to take on anyone willing to give it try.

“It’s sort of pick and choose your own adventure, we can always customize for that and most centers can customize to the adults needs,” said Lopez.

Lopez said there are many reasons why people may wait before deciding to give swimming a try.

“They have a fear of some sort of childhood, something that has happened to them or just the fear of the unknown, we explain to them that it goes at your pace, whatever you are comfortable with, because everybody has a different experience.”

Swimming is a great way to stay cool during summer, but safety is key. Drownings happen year-round, and according to recent data from Statistics Canada, most cases happen during the warmer months in swimming pools and natural bodies of water.

“You can have fun in water, but you have to know how to do it safely. That’s also part of the lessons; safety of a pool, safety of a lake, safety of rivers, oceans,” said Lopez.

Lopez said it all depends on one’s comfort level, but consistency is key from moving from a float to an eventual paddle, but it all begins with one first step.

“Once you get in and realize it’s a non-threatening environment and that we can make it a lovely place for you to learn, then sky’s the limit.”

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