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Speakers Corner. The name itself brings back a flood of memories: The Barenaked Ladies, Mike Myers, The Devil’s Advocates, the impromptu marriage proposals, rants and raves, songs and skits.

It was social media, before social media. But there was no hiding behind a keyboard. You plopped your coin into the slot and faced the world head-on, because you had something to say and your voice mattered.

It still does.

That’s why we’re bringing Speakers Corner back. The little booth on Queen Street West may be gone, but Speaker’s Corner was never about a booth. It was about connecting and sharing, and giving people from all walks of life a chance to be seen and heard.

Systemic racism happening in the U.S. and Canada is on the forefront of what seems to be every single conversation happening right now. Police brutality is being filmed and slurs are being hurled. Here’s your opportunity to speak up — speak out — and let us know what you think.

Submit your video below. You can also share your video via social media using the hashtag #SpeakUp.


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