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Remnants Of Ernesto Cause Damage Across The City

The remnants of the tropical storm caused problems from east to west in the city. High winds brought down a tree, which landed on a car near Coxwell and Danforth and another came down just blocks away.

“Just before 9pm the power went off and a half a minute later it came back on for a split second and then there was a bang. We just presumed there was a transformer close by that had gone,” local resident Keith Phillips explained.

Power was knocked out in that neighbourhood, as well as in parts of Parkdale.

Hydro crews were also dispatched to get some traffic lights that were knocked out by the storm up and running again. Toronto Hydro says power is back on for customers across the city who lost hydro Saturday night.

Ernesto caused much more severe damage south of the border and has been blamed for at least six deaths on the U.S. eastern seaboard.

Parts of North Carolina are under water that’s waist deep in some areas and residents are now left to decide whether they should flee or stay and fight the rising waters.

“They say the water’s going to continue to rise,” Wilmington, N.C. resident Allen Crawford said.

In New Jersey, huge waves pounded the beach at Atlantic City, strong winds brought down big trees and hundreds of thousands of people are without power.