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Coach Canada Offers $1 Tickets To Montreal

Taking the bus still beats planes, trains or other automobiles when it comes to travelling economically, but even riding coach can cost a pretty penny depending on where you want to go.

If you’re ideal destination is Montreal, however, that’s not necessarily the case, especially if you’re looking to hit up Quebec’s biggest city first thing in 2008.

Coach Canada is currently offering a deal that will allow people to visit for almost nothing, that is if they act quickly. As part of the “Winter Seat Sale” tickets to ride the bus from Toronto to Montreal are available starting at the almost inconceivably low cost of $1.

“No tricks, Coach Canada has put over 10,000 of their seats on sale,” said company spokesperson Susan Melnyk. “You can go from Toronto to Montreal for a buck.”

It’s the first time Coach Canada has ever dropped prices quite this far, though to get the massive discounts tickets must be purchased online at www.coachcanada.com¬†and you have to use your seats between Jan. 16 and Mar. 11. Cheaper seats are typically available mid-week, and if you time it right a round-trip ticket will cost you just a Twonie.

“Two dollars, plus the GST,” laughed Melnyk. “The government has to get their share.”

If you miss out on the cheapest fares, there are also tickets available from about $10 all the way up to a ceiling of $60.

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