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Marilyn Denis Leaves CityLine After 19 Years

There are certain things that are definitively Toronto – the CN Tower, the Maple Leafs and the shape of City Hall. And then there’s CityLine and its erstwhile and ever-present host, Marilyn Denis.

It seems like she’s been on your TV forever instead of just 19 years. The show, which airs on Citytv at 10am weekday mornings, has been a hit locally and across the country since it first appeared more than two decades ago.

But on Friday, the show reached a moment many believed would never come – the end of the Line for Marilyn herself. The longtime host followed Dini Petty as the face of the show but called it a day at the end of the week, as the show gets retooled.

Denis tried not to be too emotional on her last day at work and mostly succeeded. It was a typical Fashion Friday, but all involved were wearing something else, as well – their hearts on their sleeves.

The outgoing host admits she’ll miss the show. “There isn’t a day that didn’t go by that I’d be walking down the street or be at the grocery store or be in a stall in the bathroom and hear somebody say ‘I love CityLine,” she recalls with a laugh. “And you know, I love CityLine, too.”

The show will continue with a new host, a new attitude, the same great features – and a lot of terrific memories.

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