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Downburst, not tornado, caused extensive damage in Minden area

Damaged home in Minden Hills, June 8, 2011. CITYNEWS.

Environment Canada confirms it was downbursts, and not tornadoes, that caused the extensive damage around Minden this week.

Downbursts — strong downdrafts that cause damaging winds near or on the ground —  can have the same effect as a tornado when they hit the ground.

“You don’t have to have a tornado to get the damage,” CityNews meteorologist Adam Stiles said.

“It looks like a tornado because it’s so localized and it comes down in such force and there’s so much rain with it.”

Environment Canada also said it was a downburst event that caused heavy damage in Hamilton Tuesday night.

Meanwhile, approximately 40,000 Hydro One customers are still without power as of Friday evening after Wednesday’s storm — that’s down from the initial 150,000 customers whose power was out.

Crews continue to work to restore power and replace hydro poles in some of the hardest-hit areas including Bancroft, Brockville, Kingston, Peterborough and Tweed.

Hydro One says it has 1,300 employees and six helicopters working to restore power from Kincardine to Kingston.

CityNews reporter Francis D’Souza captured footage of damage in the Midland and Kingston Road area. Click below to view his panoramic photograph