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Cuts to student nutrition program won’t happen: councillor

Cuts to the city’s student nutrition program that feed 14, 049 poor students at 58 schools won’t happen, Coun. Doug Ford told CityNews.

The city proposed cutting 10 per cent from its $3.8 million contribution to the $12 million student nutrition program, as part of its efforts to plug a $774-million budget shortfall next year.

But Ford said Friday he’ll make sure that the breakfast program will be taken off the chopping block.

“We have a passion — the mayor’s always had a passion for this program, I have — and we support it,” Ford said. “We never ran on a campaign of cutting the nutrition program it. We never planned on cutting it, but when you run through the budget process, staff brings back recommendations and we have to make a decision.”

“We are not going to cut the nutrition program,” Ford said. “I’m here to tell you. We’re going to find that money to make sure these kids are fed.”

He didn’t say how it’d be covered but said to stay tuned.

“We are going to find it, one way or another.”

Earlier this week, Ford cut a personal cheque for $1,000 to keep one breakfast program alive in his north Etobicoke ward. CityNews reporter Avery Haines said an announcement between the city and a private company is expected next week.