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Hundreds feared dead in Syria gas attack

Syrian rebels fighting pro-regime forces gather along a road in Syria's eastern town of Deir Ezzor, on Aug. 17, 2013. GETTY IMAGES/AFP PHOTO/Abo Shuja.

The horrific video of men, women and children suffering from what appears to be a chemical weapons attack in Syria continues to spark international outrage.

The video obtained from a social media website cannot be independantly verified, but appears to show people, including children, writhing in pain or lying dead on the floor in a Damascus suburb.

“When weapons of mass destruction including chemical weapons are used against civilian targets it is repugnant beyond description,” Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said.

Syrian authorities who support President Bashar al-Assad have denied any involvement in the matter.

Wednesday, the information minister called the allegations illogical and accused the opposition of fabricating lies against al-Assad and his government.

Despite the denials, the U.S. and European allies do believe Assad’s forces have used chemical weapons in the past and want the United Nations to conduct an immediate investigation.

Outside the White House in Washington DC, a small group of Syrian-American protesters hold a vigil – angered by these latest horrific images.

“This is injustice and it’s been happening at the eyes and ears of the international community and nobody has been doing anything. These children could be your children, could be my children,” Sima Abed Rabboh, a Syrian human rights activist, told Reuters.