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Vast majority of Torontonians want Ford to step down

Although Toronto’s scandal-plagued mayor, Rob Ford, has consistently said he will stay in office and continue to work for taxpayers, the vast majority of those taxpayers just want him to step down.

A new Ipsos Reid poll has found a full 76 per cent of Torontonians think Ford should either resign for good and stay out of politics (41 per cent) or take a leave to deal with his alleged substance abuse and then run in the next election (35 per cent).

Only one-quarter (24 per cent) believe Ford should remain in office.

Despite this, two-thirds (65 per cent) believe the province shouldn’t intervene in the city’s affairs.

According to the survey, Ford’s popularity has also taken a hit.

“In the last two years, Mayor Ford’s approval rating has fallen from an enviable position to one that leaves a potential re-election bid precarious,” Ipsos Reid said in a release.

Only four in 10 — or 40 per cent — currently approve of Ford’s performance as mayor, down from 49 per cent in June 2012, and 62 per cent in September 2011.

His approval is highest in Scarborough (49 per cent), Etobicoke (45 per cent) and North York (43 per cent), and lowest in in York/East York (32 per cent) and the old city of Toronto/downtown (29 per cent).

Men (44 per cent) are more likely than women (36 per cent) to approve of Ford, as are those over the age of 55 (43 per cent).

His approval rating is highest among those without a high school diploma (69 per cent) and lowest among university graduates (34 per cent) and those with only a high school diploma (37 per cent).

International media has flocked to city hall ever since Ford admitted to having smoked crack cocaine in a drunken stupor. He was then caught on tape unleashing a string of expletives and using threatening words.

But a slim majority (54 per cent) thinks the media should not let up on Ford.

And a large majority (71 per cent) don’t believe Ford’s claim he has nothing left to hide.