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No beards allowed for Canadian men's Olympic hockey team

If Team Canada takes home hockey gold at next month’s Winter Olympics in Sochi, their smiles might be easier to see.

General manager Steve Yzerman has asked the men’s squad not to grow playoff-style beards, according to the Toronto Star.

Yzerman made a similar request for the 2010 Vancouver games, where the men’s team won the gold medal thanks to Sidney Crosby’s overtime goal.

Hockey Canada said no official decision has been made, but President and CEO Bob Nicholson supports the smooth move.

Nicholson told the Star Yzerman wants the team to look respectable, and the organization has no problem with that.

Hockey Canada does apply a beard ban to the under-18 and under-20 teams in international tournaments.

But beards are officially allowed at all Olympic events, except for boxing.

Amateur boxers are allowed to sport neatly trimmed moustaches, but full beards are banned because they can disguise cuts on the face.

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