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Anonymous group releases auto-tuned Rob Ford music video

Screen-grab from episode 2 of Ford Nation. YOUTUBE.

An anonymous group has released an auto-tuned music video featuring Rob Ford as well as members of the Toronto media, including Robyn Doolittle and Jian Ghomeshi.

The video, called Rob Ford Sings ‘Ford Nation!’, was published to YouTube on Thursday.

In the clip, Ford sings some of his more popular phrases, like “I’m human, I’ve made mistakes,” “gravy train” and “stay the course.” The clips are taken from news conferences, public appearances (like an arm-wrestling match with Hulk Hogan), Ford’s own Ford Nation show on the Sun News Network, and the infamous Steak Queen video.

The group responsible, Anonymotif, also included photos of some of the mayor’s other antics, including disrupting council chambers and pushing a photographer while holding a pile of dry-cleaning.

Doolittle and Ghomeshi, meanwhile, discuss Ford’s chances for reelection, which Doolittle thinks is likely.

In an email to CityNews, Anonymotif said there were just two people – Mirro and Joel – who worked on the video. They did not provide last names.

“We made the video thinking people might welcome a more thoughtful approach to the Rob Ford story that was comedic but still had something of substance to offer,” Anonymotif wrote.

“It’s too easy to brow-beat Ford and make crack jokes – late night television has that market cornered, especially with Ford’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel. We saw deeper layers to the Ford situation that we wanted to bring out  — particularly around the repetitive language he uses to persuade people of his changed ways, and the fact that many people think he can’t possibly get re-elected when in reality he stands a good chance.”

Ford is no stranger to YouTube – after the Sun News Network cancelled their show, Ford and his brother Doug relaunched Ford Nation online. Kimmel is expected to appear on Friday’s episode.

Watch the video below: