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New Ford video surfaces, taken same weekend as bar rant

Mayor Rob Ford is seen at the Steak Queen restaurant in Etobicoke on Jan. 20, 2014. YOUTUBE

A new video has surfaced of Rob Ford, where the Toronto mayor is heard making violent threats, shouting for alcohol and talking about his impending divorce.

The video was obtained by the Toronto Sun and published online on Friday.

It was allegedly taken in the same three-day stretch as the video that reportedly shows Ford smoking from a metal pipe in his sister’s basement. During the same time period, Ford was also allegedly caught an audio tape making racist and sexist remarks at an Etobicoke bar.

After reports of the video and audio tapes surfaced in the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Sun last week, Ford announced he was taking a leave of absence from city hall. Coun. Doug Ford says his brother is in rehab and has promised to provide proof later on Friday.

The new video was taped in a Weston Road bar on April 27, according to the Toronto Sun.

In the tape, Ford says “I’ll kick him right in the f***ing head.”

He also repeatedly shouts “Jack! Jack! Jack!” which appears to be a request for more Jack Daniels.

The bartender then can be heard saying, “last call.”

Ford then says “I’m outta here. I’m in a f***ing divorce. I’m going to the f***ing doghouse. I’m going to a hotel.”