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The Inside Story: Toronto doctor claims euthanasia being used in Canada

Last Updated Jul 3, 2015 at 11:23 am EST

Even though euthanasia is illegal in Canada, one Toronto doctor says a form of it called palliative sedation or terminal sedation is being employed by doctors in the final weeks of a person’s life.

“Doctors do end lives without consent,” Dr. Greg Robinson says. “For those that are truly honest about what goes on in the profession. They will say ‘yeah you know out of compassion I know that I pushed the dose up as high as I could because the person is in pain.'”

The Canadian Medical Association has guidelines that states terminal sedation can only be used in the final two weeks of a person’s life.

“But they’re not talked about. And so people don’t know some of these things are available because doctors aren’t easily forthcoming about them,” he says.

Watch Avery Haines’ interview with Dr. Robinson.

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