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Toronto EMS to get a makeover

Toronto Emergency Medical Services (EMS) will be getting a makeover, including a name change.

Paramedics are essential — and when your life is on the line, you’re glad they’re there. But who exactly are they?

For years now, maybe even decades, there’s always been an identity crisis with EMS first responders. Are they ambulance drivers, paramedics, or EMS professionals?

The various interpretations of EMS had created confusion, with some even thinking they see Elvis in the logo.

“A lot of people simply see EMS, and I can tell you, I’ve been on emergency calls myself, and had an elderly lady say to me, ‘Now son, why is there Elvis on your shoulder,” EMS chief Paul Raftis told CityNews.


The current EMS logo. CITYNEWS


Some say they see “Elvis” in the EMS logo. CITYNEWS

Raftis said a proper identity and brand is needed going forward — that means 150 vehicles will need to be upgraded, along with the uniforms of 1,100 workers.

“We’re not going to re-do the entire fleet in a couple of months, we’ll do it over a couple of years, and we’ll transition our way into it,” he said.

However, the makeover raises the question of cost.

“We don’t want to add new money to the budget for this type of branding change,” Raftis said.

The ambulances will keep the same look, with just EMS being replaced with a new official name, which is expected to be Toronto Paramedic Services.


The EMS logo will be re-branded to Toronto Paramedic Services. CITYNEWS

However, one paramedic pointed out Toronto Paramedic Services could be referred to as TPS, which is already being used by Toronto Police Service.